Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Soup's On!

I have long been a fan of the "Bead Soup" blog-hops that Lori Anderson has hosted. Every time a new batch was being prepared, I had something that was keeping me away from my beading table. But when I saw the most recent sign-ups being posted for this summer's soup, I decided to tear down the obstacles blocking my creativity, and jump into the proverbial pot.

My partner is another artist on the opposite side of the continent; Menka Gupta, the creative force behind Menka's Jewelry. Please visit her blog, or check out her Facebook page, and let her know Rachel sent you!

Isn't Menka's work beautiful?

More importantly, make sure to check back here for the big reveal on August 25, 2012, when both Menka and I will be unveiling the creations we design using each other's bead soup.

Sounds like a long ways away, doesn't it? But we all know how time flows faster in summer, and there are two other groups doing reveal dates between now and then, so you will have plenty of eye candy to drool over between now and then.

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  1. Thanks Rachel. I am glad to be your partner and eagerly waiting for my bead soup :)


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