Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bead Enemy No. 1

Last night, I was working on the computer when I heard caterwauling...which is not unusual, because whenever my cat, Gordon, re-kills the fake mouse I bought for him, he lets *everyone* know about it. Then I heard thumping...again not too unusual, but my cat's 15, has thyroid cancer, and has made me believe he is within an inch of death on numerous occasions (can you say drama king?).

Then I heard tumbling down the stairs. So either he got so excited by killing a fake mouse that he took a tumble while celebrating, or something else was going on.

Something else was going on.

I go up the first flight of stairs and spied his of my brand new artisan-made polymer clay beads! The nerve of him! By then, he was no where to be found, so I hiked up the second flight to my work area...where I found the little imp coveting a stash of beads he had spilled off my bead table...all over the carpet. As I picked up *my* beads, he had to nerve to start screaming at bead is safe.

I wish I had thought to grab my camera when he was in the midst of his bead-induced frenzy...he was like a furry little precioussssss....

So I found a picture that most suits his criminal nature. This is Bead Enemy No.1!

oooh, my precioussssss


  1. Sounds like my house. I have two 15 year old cats that are still as mischievous as kittens.

  2. My cat gets into my parcels when I am packing them and has a ball licking the glue stick and batting about sticky tape and envelopes.I am sure he thinks he is helping LOL Love and hugs to you and your cat.Tanya


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