Sunday, October 21, 2012

WINNING! My beautiful prize from Sherri Stokey

Sometimes, you just hit it lucky.

As part of the launch of Artisan Whimsy, an all-encompassing jewelry social media site, I entered a give-away for one of Sherri Stokey's micro-macrame bracelets. They are a-ma-zing. And I won! I WON!

Call me Khaleesi--I have my Dragon!!

Isn't it stunning??? This is not your grandma's macrame! I have to say that Sherri told me she makes these to order--and I still received mine lightning fast! I was amazed at how quickly she completed and sent my bracelet; and if this is how great her service is for a donation, I can't imagine how wonderful she is when you order from her!

So if you want a truly unique, gorgeous, handmade item to adorn your wrist, check out Sherri's shop, Know Just Macrame!  Tell her Rachel sent you! :)

Gorgeousness with Dragons!!

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  1. ❤ Oh Wow! You are so Lucky! I LOVE this Design, and Sherri's Works! =D) Enjoy! Mx


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