Friday, July 20, 2012

Holy Cannoli! It's some NEW WORK!

I finally have a new piece to show! Well, I have a few, but I am going to show you one for this post!

This bracelet is beautiful, especially if you love purple, like I do.

What's even more interesting about this bracelet is that is almost got flung against the wall three, maybe four, times.

I first strung and crimped the bracelet about a week ago. I realized it was way too short. Usually I use a bead board, and can eyeball measurements that way, but my bead board is so covered with beads that I can't use it for it's intended purpose. It's tough being a jewelry artist.

So I clipped the bracelet, and re-started. I decided to add some moonstone rondelles, to fill it out a bit. Apparently, I measured wrong *again* because it was still too short. As in, it might fit a small child under 5. I had so many lampwork beads in this bracelet, I forgot to take into consideration how they affect the wearability, due to their circumference. So I pulled off most of the beads AGAIN, to add the silver plated bali-style beads. I also decided to use one of my toggles with the Swarovski crystals, which was larger than the first, so that helped.

I completed the bracelet, added the toggle and was so happy with the results! And then I realized the tiny 3mm silver bead didn't make it's way on to the end. In fact, that bead may be residing under a piece of furniture, as it's missing and my cat looks strangely guilty.

So, instead of restringing the bracelet yet again, I took a deep breath, and decided to offer an almost perfect purple lampwork bracelet. It's $10 less than what it should be, to make up for the slight imperfection, which most people wouldn't notice (but if you're like me, it may drive you slowly insane). And it's in my Etsy shop, waiting for a new home.


  1. Actually I try to include one imperfection into everything that I make. And the bracelet is gorgeous!

  2. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who wants to sling a piece of jewelry up against the wall!!! I get SUPER frustrated.

    I love this purple bracelet! Did you make the beads too? I would love to know the color and brand of the purple glass.

    1. Yes I did make the beads! :) I'm pretty sure it was a version of Ink-Blue Violet (Moretti glass) that I have in my hoard!


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